ProCharge MAXX 4000


Integrated Emulsion Systems

Getman’s Integrated Emulsion Systems optimize emulsion capacity. By combining third-party emulsion system IP components with Getman tanks, customers receive turnkey systems ready to go. Getman partners with Orica and is working with other companies to offer these fully integrated systems.

Getman’s ProCharge MAXX 4000 Integrated Emulsion System is designed to perform explosives charging functions with a single operator. Configured face coverages reduce cycle times by ensuring each section can be charged without repositioning the machine. Maximum capacity per model designed to accept explosives supplier pump and control system. Available with optional hose handling system, including hose reel, hose pusher, and hose guides and includes engine driven air compressor with air receiver for loading hose cleanout.


  • High emulsion capacity
  • Fewer trips to magazine, reduced ramp traffic, higher productivity
  • Shorter lead time
  • When an agreement is established with an explosives supplier, the carrier is delivered ready for startup and operation
  • Full integration
  • Ease of access to valves and emulsion tank; approved center of gravity and stability
  • Parts and service
  • Getman supplied components supported through a network of distributors and field service technicians


Components Provided by Getman

  1. Emulsion Tank
  2. Water tank & pump
  3. Gasser tank & pump (when required)
  4. Hose Handling system (application-driven) – includes hose pusher/puller, hose reel, guides, crane
  5. Hydraulic system (valves, motors, hoses, & fittings)
    1. Hose handling system
    2. Water pump
    3. Gasser pump
    4. Emulsion pump
    5. Note: Getman uses Danfoss PVG32 valves on its equipment


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