Emulsion Ready Chassis

Getman ProCharge™ Explosive Chargers are versatile machines designed to work in development drifting, production charging, up-hole charging applications, and more. Explosive chargers provide space for mounting the explosives supplier equipment, are powered by the on-board electric power and hydraulics, and can be configured for either ANFO or emulsion charging.

Getman’s ProCharge ER 3000 Emulsion Ready Explosive Charger is designed to perform explosives charging functions with a smaller frame size to optimize maneuverability. The 7.7 m wide x 6.6 m high (25 ft by 21 1/2 ft) face coverage area reduces cycle times by ensuring that each section can be charged without repositioning the machine. ProCharge ER 3000 machines work with third-party emulsion systems, following the Getman engineering team review of the complete footprint, including hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic functions.


ProCharge ER 3000 Product Datasheet

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