Material Transport

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Getman Material Transport Vehicles are versatile underground carriers designed to move materials throughout a mining operation reliably and efficiently, ensuring loads are delivered where they are needed when they are needed.

Built on the A64 Chassis, Getman’s line of transport vehicles perform a wide range of maintenance and logistics functions in underground mining operations. These machines enhance safety and productivity by performing heavy lifting and transport operations with a purpose-built solution, resulting in fewer accidents and injuries during the process of moving components and supplies.


Getman A64 materials transport vehicles safely protect mine workers through purpose-built design and include outward-facing sight gauges visible from ground level, minimizing the need to climb on the machine. Additionally, all work areas are well-illuminated to ensure proper visibility during servicing functions.

A64 Platform

Getman A64 units not only safeguard workers using the equipment, they redefine how tasks are performed, making underground mining operations safer and more efficient.