A64 Service Fuel


GETMAN SERVICE VEHICLES are designed to help perform key maintenance and repair functions throughout an underground mining operation, minimizing the need to return other production and production support vehicles to the workshop and maximizing the time those vehicles spend in their production and development roles. A64 service vehicles protect worker safety through purpose-built design, including outward facing sight gauges visible from ground level, minimizing the need to climb on the machine.  All work areas are well-illuminated to ensure proper visibility during servicing functions.

The Getman A64 Fuel Vehicle includes a single 2000 gal (7571 L) tank for refueling operations underground and includes internal tank baffling for improved performance during tramming. The high-rate delivery service includes a delivery line and nozzle mounted on a spring return reel for improved operation. Alternate tank sizes are available for enhanced maneuverability.



A64 Service Fuel Product Datasheet

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A64 Service Fuel Drawing Sheet

A64 Product Catalog