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Scaling is one of the more hazardous functions in the underground mining process. Because of the dangers in areas with unsupported back, rib and face rock surfaces, proper mechanized scaling methods and equipment are critical to safety and productivity. Getman designs its purpose-built scalers to perform these rigorous scaling activities safely and effectively. Getman dedicates scaling machines to incorporate specific protection features for the scaler operator that may not be present in unspecialized equipment.

Significant damage and downtime can result from rock falls and improper utilization of unspecialized equipment, such as rock drill rigs. These machines are not designed for scaling. Using drill rigs as scaling machines can result in both direct and indirect costs including:

  • Unnecessary overuse of drill consumables (bits, rods, couplings and adaptors)
  • Excessive boom maintenance from rock fall damage
  • Decrease in productivity as a result of drill rig down time
  • Reduction of development advance or production tonnage from improper drill rig utilization or down time


In multiple heading situations, it is possible to use numerous pieces of equipment simultaneously in different headings and stages of the production cycle. Dedicated mechanical scalers enable utilization of drill rigs in different headings while the mechanical scaler performs scaling functions, thereby increasing drill rig utilization.

Getman purpose-built mechanical scalers are a key component of maintaining safe and productive working environments in underground operations. Dedicated mechanical scalers are the safest way to bring down loose material from back and rib surfaces.


  • Features a replaceable tooth operated with a dual-acting hydraulic cylinder
  • Capable of up to 8,165kg (18,000lbs) prying force
  • Internal gear rotator provides up to 180° of rotation
  • Multiple pick variations available depending on scaling heights


Up to 678N·m (500ft·lb) force at a range of 1,000 to 1,250 blows per minute

Scaling Boom Built for Strength

  • High-strength, reinforced rectangular section, telescopic boom
  • Roller tracking system that captures the inner boom section
  • Six (6) robust concentric roller bearings which can be adjusted quickly without any disassembly
  • Boom extension cylinders inside the boom to minimize damage and wear
  • Replaceable bushings in main boom pivot

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A64 Platform

Getman A64 units not only safeguard workers using the equipment, they redefine how tasks are performed, making underground mining operations safer and more efficient.