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GETMAN NAMED 2023 Michigan Manufactured Export of the Year

The Water Cannon was awarded the inaugural Michigan Manufactured Export of the Year at the 2023 Manufacturing Excellence Awards. “Almost everybody in the company was involved in the development of the A64 Water Cannon. We’re excited to be here individually but we’re happy to be representing the rest of the team back at Getman.” -Erik VanAllen, Getman Corporation President and CEO Click HERE to learn about our nomination and why we won!  

Getman at MINExpo 2021

International Mining brings you insights from Getman at MINExpo 2021 in Las Vegas. Paul Moore, IM Editorial Director, has a booth one-on-one with Getman President and CEO, Erik VanAllen, discussing the company’s more than 65-year history, its extensive portfolio, its global reach, the Getman MINExpo 2021 highlights and how the company envisions the mine of the future.

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