HD Remixers/Agitators

Getman A64 HD Remixers are purpose-built to maintain maximum reliability and uptime in harsh underground environments, delivering concrete where it is needed when it is needed. Concrete transport vehicles are critical to ground support functions and construction works, and contribute to development and production advances by supporting concrete applications.

HD Remixer design reflects Getman’s 65 years of serving the mining industry, maintaining a balance between a maneuverable chassis size and a layout that facilitates safe and easy daily maintenance.

A64 HD concrete transport vehicles maximize worker comfort and safety by providing multi-directional seating for the operator, enabling forward-facing for forward tramming, and side-facing for reverse tramming.

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A64 Platform

Getman A64 units not only safeguard workers using the equipment, they redefine how tasks are performed, making underground mining operations safer and more efficient.