Getman’s A64 Crane machines offer a range of payload packages from 4,540 kg to 8,620 kg (10,000 lb to 19,000 lb), and all include enclosed below-deck storage compartments for straps, winches, and tools.  Selectable low-deck and high-deck configurations allow for optimized loading scenarios, and the optional high-capacity Palfinger crane offers 180° of slewing and a capacity of up to 2,100 kg (4,630 lb) at maximum extension.  Stake pockets, optional ratcheting straps, and tie-down points ensure loads are securely fastened to the deck for tramming.

The A64 Crane protects worker safety by eliminating the need for workers to lift, position, and transport heavy loads physically and can be operated away from the loading and unloading area, ensuring workers are kept clear from moving loads.  The crane system is inclusive of outriggers that ensure stability in all permissible loading situations.




A64 Crane Vehicle Datasheet

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