Getman Explosive Chargers are designed to work in development drifting, production charging, up-hole charging applications, and more. They can be configured for both ANFO charging and emulsion charging.

Getman’s ProCharge ANFO 4000 Explosives Charger is designed to perform explosives charging functions with a single operator. Configured face coverages reduce cycle times by ensuring each section can be charged without repositioning the machine. An optional onboard air compressor allows for fully contained operation, or a mine air package allows all charging operations to be performed using mine air for reduced emissions.

ProCharge Explosives Chargers protect miner safety through purpose-built design, including counterbalance valves on the lifting arm to prevent uncontrolled descent, fall arrest tie-off points in the man basket, optional FOPS canopy, engine stop and fire suppression actuation controls in the man basket, and hydraulic stabilizers with internal pilot check valves to ensure stability.


ProCharge ANFO 4000_Product Datasheet

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