ProCharge MAXX 3000


Integrated Emulsion Systems

Getman’s Integrated Emulsion System optimizes emulsion capacity. By combining third-party emulsion system components with Getman tanks, customers receive turnkey systems ready to go. Getman partners with other companies to offer these fully integrated systems.


  • High emulsion capacity
  • Fewer trips to magazine, reduced ramp traffic, higher productivity
  • Shorter lead time
  • When an agreement is established with an explosives supplier, the carrier is delivered ready for startup and operation
  • Full integration
  • Ease of access to valves and emulsion tank. Approved center of gravity and stability
  • Parts & Service
  • Getman supplied components supported through its network of distributors and field service technicians


Components Provided by Getman

  • Emulsion Tank
  • Water tank & pump
  • Gasser tank & pump (when required)
  • Hose Handling system (application-driven) – includes hose pusher/puller, hose reel, guides, crane
  • Hydraulic system (valves, motors, hoses, & fittings)
    • Hose handling system
    • Water pump
    • Gasser pump
    • Emulsion pump
    • Note: Getman uses Danfoss PVG32 valves on its equipment


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