GETMAN SCISSOR LIFTS are a key component of underground mining operations, supporting electrical installations, ventilation fan, and ducting installations, pipe installations, ground support operations, and explosives charging. A64 scissor lifts protect miner safety through purpose-built design, including a fully stabilized non-skid platform with leveling capability and fall arrest anchor points located throughout the basket for quick and easy tie-off. The lifting structure is compliant with all relevant ANSI, CSA, and AS standards.

Getman’s A64 SL offers a maximum platform height of 4.2 m (14 ft) with a capacity of up to 2,720 kg (6,000 lb) and is equipped with a telescoping ladder that allows for easy access and egress from the platform without lowering the platform.  Available fold-down wings or sliding platform features provide added flexibility to perform required functions without repositioning the machine.


A64 SL-S Scissor Lift Product Datasheet

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A64 SL-S Drawing Sheet

A64 Product Catalog