Getman-designed personnel carriers support underground logistics by moving crews throughout underground mines safely and efficiently. Built on the reliable A64 Chassis, these carriers ensure miner safety through purpose-built design, including individual seat belts for all passengers, a certified ROPS/FOPS structure over the rear passenger area, and a certified ROPS/FOPS structure over the driver compartment.

The A64 Personnel Carrier comes in 16-person and 23-person capacities. Both are available with either open or enclosed passenger compartments. All Getman personnel carriers come with an emergency horn button in the rear compartment to notify the machine operator, and all walking surfaces come with anti-slip coatings to minimize the likelihood of slip and fall accidents.

A64 Personnel Carrier features:

  • Open or enclosed passenger compartment
  • 16-man compartment
  • 23-man compartment (requires enhanced capacity axles)
  • Padded bench seats with individual passenger seat belts
  • Slip-resistant coated floors
  • Emergency horn button to alert machine operator


A64 Personnel Carrier Product Datasheet

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