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Getman Corporation specializes in the design and development of equipment that performs a wide range of tasks for the underground mining industry. The A64 product line expansion includes a variety of custom solution vehicles to meet your specific needs. If you’re interested in a custom application for your operation, it’s likely Getman produces a vehicle to meet the needs of that application. If not, we would love to develop that custom solution with you.

Getman Cable Stringers are purpose-built mining vehicles that facilitate safe installation and recovery of electrical cable in underground mining operations. Cable stringers drive value by facilitating safe and efficient cable installations and the removal of previously installed cable. Recoup your material costs and environmental credits for the reuse of materials.

A64 Cable Stringers protect worker safety through purpose-built design, including fall arrest anchor points in all elevating work platforms to ensure machine stability through a simple system of steer and boom limitation. Counterbalance valves control a gradual descent of the boom in the unlikely event of a damaged hydraulic hose.

Getman’s A64 Service Mechanic Vehicles offer a fully customizable mobile workstation and come standard with toolboxes, compressed air service, a heavy-duty crane, deck space, and storage compartments for transporting replacement parts and work lights. Available racks for oxy/acetylene tanks, grease services, and vice clamps are available upon request. You also may mount additional equipment based on specific needs.

A64 service trucks protect worker safety through purpose-built design, offering features such as crane stabilization, which eliminates the need for operators to physically handle heavy loads. All mounted equipment is located on the perimeter of the rear deck to reduce the need for climbing on the equipment. All daily services and checkpoints are accessible from ground level.

Crane Setup

  • Crane mounted at truck rear
  • Manually extendable crane outriggers
  • Crane capacity: 905 kg (1995 lb) @ 3300 mm (10 ft 10 in); 640 kg (1410 lb) @ 4800 mm (15 ft 9 in)


Mechanics Equipment

  • Mounted toolbox with a sealed, sloped front lid and lock
  • 1.13 m3/min (40 cfm) hydraulic air compressor with air hose reel
  • Heavy-duty vise
  • Oxy-acetylene tank storage
  • High-pressure, pneumatic-powered grease service sized for 54 kg (120 lb) drum, with hose reel and nozzle

A64 Platform

Getman A64 units not only safeguard workers using the equipment, they redefine how tasks are performed, making underground mining operations safer and more efficient.