The Getman A64 product range is engineered to provide a single common chassis available in configurations covering many production and production support applications, and increases value by minimizing inventory carrying costs and training requirements through its standardized design.

The A64 product line works with maximum availability to perform tasks that optimize the safety and productivity of underground mining operations, delivering materials where they need to be when they need to be there, charging explosives safely and efficiently, facilitating ground control operations in the toughest environments, and much more.

Getman A64 units not only safeguard the workers using the equipment, they redefine how tasks are performed, making underground mining operations safer and more efficient.

The A64 product range shares common components and systems across all models, a valuable feature that extends through the wide range of models available on the A64 chassis. Maintaining commonality throughout the A64 range drives value through:

  • Increased safety through enhanced machine familiarity
  • Minimized training requirements through use of similar hydraulic, electric and powertrain systems
  • Lower inventory through shared components across all models

The A64 product range is customizable for new and specific application requirements while maintaining all of the advantages inherit in the product line. Our customer-specific solutions are driven by a proven engineer-to-order process, providing value to an A64 fleet.

A64 vehicles are designed exclusively for underground mining and improve efficiency by reducing the amount of workers, equipment and time required to complete everyday tasks.

A64 fleets reduce inventory requirements and simplify maintenance by using common components and having a consistent product layout.

  • Reduced inventory requirements: Components can be specified identically across all A64 models, including axles, tires, engines, transmissions, seats and many hydraulic and electrical components
  • Simplified maintenance: Utilization of common systems between models allows for efficient maintenance programs throughout the fleet

Getman A64 products are focused on increasing safety in underground mining operations through purpose-built design. They provide equipment solutions engineered and built to perform everyday tasks throughout the underground mining cycle. At Getman Corporation, designing purpose-built equipment means understanding the needs of underground mining operations, and providing safe and reliable solutions to meet those needs. Purpose-built A64 equipment:

  • Enables miners to do jobs properly in the safest and most efficient manner possible, maximizing machine and worker productivity
  • Avoids improvised solutions because the equipment is designed and built for the tasks
  • Reduces fall risk by providing stable, skid-proof work surfaces and fall arrest tie off points
  • Decreases miner fatigue and strain-related injuries by providing mechanical lift capabilities

A64 Product Catalog (Updated: Sept 18, 2014)


Transport and charge explosives safely and efficiently in multiple development and production applications.


Used in a wide assortment of maintenance and construction operations including: roof-bolting; screening and surveying; cable, pipe, and vent hanging; and many other back and rib projects.


Crane and flat deck trucks designed to perform a wide range of maintenance and logistics functions in underground mining operations.


Lubrication trucks carry fuels, hydraulic oils, engine oils, drill oils and many other service fluids throughout underground mining operations.

Single carrier system designed to perform multiple logistics-related tasks throughout underground mining operations.

An assortment of A64 Vehicles that perform various functions and tasks within the underground mining operations.