Getman road graders are purpose-built for operation in low profile underground mining environments, and designed for operating heights between 54 inches and 71 inches.  The four wheel drive unit employs a full grader blade that can be used for grading, ditching and material moving.  It can also be equipped with an optional front push blade or rear scarifier depending on specific operational needs.

Getman’s Road Builder can be outfitted for operation in underground coal mining or lower profile underground hard rock mining, and comes available with multiple cabin options for use in a variety of underground environments.  Multiple camera options are available for improved sight lines, while a variety of tire and cabin configurations are available for operating at different overall heights.

Road Builder models protect worker safety through features such as a MSHA certified operator compartment that is calculated to meet ROPS/FOPS requirements, as well as matte-black painted surfaces to minimize glaring in underground environments.

Grader Setup

  • Wear-resistant, high-carbon steel moldboard with hydraulic side shifting 20.6 in left, 26 in right, and hydraulic fore/aft tilt 29°/3°
  • Drawbar and full circle with hydraulic drive worm gear with slip clutch, and 30° angle adjustment
Grader Options
  • Blade with replaceable carbide bits
  • Front scarifier with 7 shanks
  • Rear hydraulic ripper with 6 shanks
  • Front push blade

Road Builder Specification Sheet (Updated: May 14, 2015)

Road Builder Drawing Sheet (Updated: May 14, 2015)