Getman tow tractors are designed to move supplies around underground coal mines safely and efficiently, ensuring materials arrive where they are needed and when they are needed.  The diesel engine package eliminates the issue of intermittent power problems associated with battery operation, and all engines are MSHA certified for outby operation.  Getman tow tractors are purpose-built underground machines and can haul multiple trailers using either a pintle hitch, Willison coupler or a 5th wheel coupler.

Getman’s LRD226 Tow Tractor is designed for operating heights as low as 63.25 inches with up to 21,000 lb of tractive effort and can pull longwall shields up to 40,000 lb.  The LRD226 is available with a hydraulic PTO to power auxiliary equipment, and comes available with multiple cabin configurations.  All Getman underground coal equipment is available with a variety of DPF and exhaust treatment options ensuring local requirements are satisfied.

LRD tow tractors protect worker safety through features such as available cameras for better site lines as well as fully certified fire suppression systems.  The MSHA certified operator compartment protects workers from rock fall situations when operating underground.

Tow Tractor Setup

  • Trailer brake package
  • Optional bolt-on 90,000 lb pintle hook on front frame
Fifth Wheel Configuration
  • Fifth wheel hitch, 44 in above ground with 50,000 lb vertical and 150,000 lb pulling rating
  • Optional item on rear frame
    • Bolt-on 90,000 lb pintle hook
    • Pocket for Willison coupler
    • Manual Willison coupler

Other Configurations

  • Service Lube/Fuel
  • Service Mechanics
  • Personnel Carrier
  • Flameproof

LRD226 Tow Tractor Specification Sheet (Updated: Feb 20, 2015)

LRD226 Tow Tractor Drawing Sheet (Updated: Feb 20, 2015)