Getman tow tractors are designed to move supplies around underground coal mines safely and efficiently, ensuring materials arrive where they are needed and when they are needed.  The diesel engine package eliminates the issue of intermittent power problems associated with battery operation, and all engines are MSHA certified for outby operation.  Getman tow tractors are purpose-built underground machines and can haul multiple trailers using either a pintle hitch, Willison coupler or a 5th wheel coupler.

Getman road graders are purpose-built for operation in low profile underground mining environments, and designed for operating heights between 54 inches and 71 inches.  The four wheel drive unit employs a full grader blade that can be used for grading, ditching and material moving.  It can also be equipped with an optional front push blade or rear scarifier depending on specific operational needs.

Min Intersection: 3.78 m into 3.78 m (12.5 ft into 12.5 ft)

Min Intersection: 3.91 m into 3.91 m (12.9 ft into 12.9 ft)

Min Intersection: 4.27 m into 4.27 m (14 ft into 14 ft)