Getman underground concrete transport vehicles are purpose-built to maintain maximum reliability and uptime in harsh underground environments, delivering concrete where it is needed when it is needed.  Purpose-built concrete transport vehicles are critical to ground support functions and construction works, and contribute to development and production advances by supporting shotcrete applications.

Getman’s A64 HD A 70 features an angled drum mixer with 5.4 m3 (7 yd3) concrete transport capacity, and a multi-section discharge chute with adjustable height.  Getman Remixers include variable-speed hydraulically driven drums with bidirectional drum rotation, separate rotation speed and rotation on/off controls for optimal discharge control.  A64 HD Remixers also come standard with an onboard high-pressure wash down package, and are available with either an admixture transfer package or a form oil spray package for enhanced utilization.

A64 HD concrete transport vehicles maximize worker comfort and safety by providing multi-directional seating for the operator, enabling forward-facing for forward tramming, and side-facing for reverse tramming.  An optional built-in back-up camera enhances safety for both mine personnel and equipment, while additional work area lighting illuminates the rear working area for optimal safety.

Remixer Package

  • 5.4 m³ (7 yd³) mixer drum; 8.75 m³ (11.4 yd³) water fill
  • Multi-section discharge chute with height range of 1058 mm to 1756 mm (3 ft 6 in to 5 ft 9 in)
  • Variable speed hydraulic drive ranging from 0 to 15 rpm
  • Access ladder with safety platform
  • Two (2) LED lights mounted to illuminate work area
  • 189 L (50 gal) water tank, high-pressure wash with hose reel and wand

Remixer Package Options

  • Form oil spray-down package with 189 L (50 gal) tank and hose reel
  • Admixture transfer package with 151 L (40 gal) stainless steel tank and transfer pump

A64 HD A 70 Specification Sheet (Updated: Mar 3, 2015)

A64 HD A 70 Drawing Sheet (Updated: Mar 3, 2015)

Concrete Spraying & Transport Catalog (Updated: Jan 20, 2014)