The Getman line of concrete transport vehicles delivers concrete in harsh underground environments while maintaining maximum reliability and uptime.  A Getman fleet delivers concrete where it is needed, when it is needed.  The A64 HD (Heavy Duty) chassis accommodates heavy payloads and features a high-capacity, widespread articulation joint with internal tapered roller bearings, a certified ROPS/FOPS canopy at full capacity and superior ground clearance for extreme ground situations.

Getman’s A64 HD carrier maximizes operator comfort and features a dual-position, fully adjustable operator seat to facilitate optimum operator orientation for forward and reverse tramming.  The A64 HD also offers enhanced ride performance through high-capacity pneumatic tires and mechanical suspension operator seating.  All operator displays and readouts positioned to allow for an optimum operator viewing angle.

The Getman SST Shotcrete sprayer provides a fully outfitted shotcrete sprayer designed and proven to deliver smooth, consistent application of shotcrete in any stage of the underground mining cycle.  It features an unparalleled boom coverage area, enabling extended spraying coverage in normal drifting situations.  Optimal boom positioning minimizes wasted material, and improves coverage when shooting blind corners and bulkheads.

The design reflects Getman’s 60 years of serving the mining industry, maintaining a balance between a maneuverable chassis size and a layout which facilitates safe and easy daily maintenance.

The SST Shotcrete is a diesel/hydraulic chassis equipped for use with mine air.  An optional onboard hydraulically-driven air compressor provides enhanced utilization for concrete spraying in areas without access to mine air systems.

Concrete Spraying & Transport Catalog (Updated: May 27, 2015)

Min Intersection: 3.95 m into 3.95 m (13 ft into 13 ft)
Concrete Capacity: 3.8 m3 (5.0 yd3)

Min Intersection: 4.15 m into 4.15 m (13.7 ft into 13.7 ft)
Concrete Capacity: 4.6 m3 (6.0 yd3)

Min Intersection: 4.36 m into 4.36 m (14.3 ft into 14.3 ft)
Concrete Capacity: 5.4 m3 (7.0 yd3)

SST Shotcrete New cutout2

Min Intersection: 3.7 m into 3.7 m (12.1 ft into 12.1 ft)