Getman service trucks are designed to help perform key maintenance and repair functions throughout an underground mining operation, minimizing the need to return other production and production support vehicles to the workshop and maximizing the time those vehicles spend in their production and development roles.

Getman’s A64 Service Lube-S offers three standard tank layout variations ranging from two to three tanks, or can be customized for more or less tanks based on specific requirements.  All lube trucks come standard with pressurized grease service and compressed air service, and all services include delivery hoses with nozzles on heavy-duty spring return reels.

A64 service trucks protect worker safety through purpose-built design, including outward facing sight gauges visible from ground level, minimizing the need to climb on the machine.  All work areas are well-illuminated to ensure proper visibility during servicing functions.

Service Tank Setup

  • Service tanks are supplied with dual fill points, breather/check valves and sight glasses
  • Service fluids pumped by hydrostatic powered delivery pumps with built-in relief valves
  • Service tanks equipped with ‘y’ strainers and shutoff ball valves for servicing
  • Service tanks are actuated by selector valve
  • Each fluid service is equipped with hose and nozzle on spring return reels
  • Multiple tank sizes and configurations
  • Hose and reel delivery system with 15 m (50 ft) hose for each fluid service
    • 37.9 L/min (10 gpm)
    • 75.7 L/min (20 gpm) (available only on diesel service)
    • 189.3 L/min (50 gpm) (available only on diesel service)
  • Compressed air service using engine-driven compressor, including air hose reel
  • High-pressure, pneumatic-powered grease service sized for 54 kg (120 lb) drum, with hose reel and nozzle

Service Tank Options

  • Service tanks filled through wiggins receivers
  • Metered nozzles (flow rate is reduced)
  • Wiggins delivery nozzle on diesel service

A64 Service Lube-S Specification Sheet (Updated: Feb 10, 2015)

A64 Service Lube-S Drawing Sheet (Updated: Aug 2, 2013)

A64 Product Catalog (Updated: Sept 18, 2014)