The Getman line of lubrication trucks is built on the A64 Chassis and is engineered to carry fuels, hydraulic oils, engine oils, drill oils and many other service fluids throughout underground mining operations. Getman Lube trucks are engineered with robust design principles allowing them to perform at high levels throughout underground mining operations with minimal downtime and maximum availability.

All Getman fuel and lubrication trucks can be customized to produce a wide variety of tank configurations, and onboard grease services and air supply are included to enhance product line utility. Individual heavy-duty, self-retracting reels for each service are designed to withstand the most demanding conditions found in underground mining while maximizing worker efficiency.

Getman Lubrication trucks also focus on protecting worker safety.  Work areas are illuminated to ensure maximum visibility during operations, and auto-retract service hose reels reduce worker fatigue and strain.

  • Hose reels located at the rear of the machine to facilitate easy servicing on either side of the vehicle
  • Service tanks located on passenger side to minimize obstructed rear visibility
  • Service tank construction with 6 mm (.25 in) plate and internal baffles
  • Service tank fill ports located on each end of the tank for flexible operation
  • Sight gauge level indicators on all service tanks
  • Easy service tank clean out access for simplified maintenance
  • Service tanks bolted to frame for easy removal, repair and replacement
  • Hydraulic powered fluid services with spring return hose reels
  • 38 L/min (10 gpm) fluid service delivery rate with 15 m (50 ft) hose
  • High-pressure, pneumatic powered grease service sized for 54 kg (120 lb) drum, including hose and reel
  • Compressed air service using engine-driven compressor or higher output hydraulic-driven compressor, including air hose reel
  • Increased diesel delivery rate of 190 L/min (50 gpm)
  • Wiggins delivery nozzles
  • Metered diesel and oil delivery nozzles
  • Remote Wiggins fill for service tanks


Min Intersection: 3.56 m into 3.56 m (11.6 ft into 11.6 ft)

Min Intersection: 3.17 m into 3.17 m (10.5 ft into 10.5 ft)


A64 Service Fuel thumb
Min Intersection: 3.96 m into 3.96 m (13 ft into 13 ft)