Getman scissor lifts are a key component of underground mining operations, supporting electrical installations, ventilation fan and ducting installations, pipe installations, ground support operations and explosives charging.

Getman’s A64 SL Wing offers a maximum platform height of 4.3 m (14 ft) with a capacity of up to 2,720 kg (6,000 lb), and comes equipped with a telescoping ladder that allows for easy access and egress from the platform without having to lower the platform.  The fold-down wings provide added flexibility to perform required functions without repositioning the machine.

A64 scissor lifts protect miner safety through purpose-built design, including a fully stabilized non-skid platform with leveling capability and fall arrest anchor points located throughout the basket for quick and easy tie off.  The lifting structure is compliant with all relevant ANSI, CSA and AS standards.

Scissor Lift Setup

  • 1.83 m × 3.35 m (6 ft × 11 ft) platform with non-skid deck
  • Fold-down wings extend platform width to 3.06 m (10 ft 1 in)
  • Fixed safety railing with midrail on ends of platform, and sectional rigid railing on wings
  • Telescopic ladder
  • Scissor lift mechanism with 178 mm × 127 mm (7 in × 5 in) arms
  • Platform capacity
    • 2,040 kg (4,500 lb) with standard heavy-duty 28.43 axles
    • 2,700 kg (6,000 lb) with enhanced capacity 28.60 axles
  • 1220 mm (48 in) hydraulic stabilizers with internal pilot check valves
  • Engine start and engine stop on platform
  • Fire suppression actuator on platform

Scissor Lift Setup – Additional Options

  • Counterbalance valves on lift cylinders, and emergency lowering pump-off package
  • Air-powered electric/hydraulic system (using mine air)
  • Electrical platform controls located in operator’s compartment

A64 SL Specification Sheet (Updated: Feb 11, 2015)

A64 SL Wing Drawing Sheet (Updated: Aug 2, 2013)

A64 Product Catalog (Updated: Sept 18, 2014)