Getman scissor lifts are a key component of underground mining operations, supporting electrical installations, ventilation fan and ducting installations, pipe installations, ground support operations and explosives charging.

Getman’s A64 SL Hanger is purpose-built to safely facilitate the installation of pipe and ventilation components in underground operations. The internal fan lift allows operators to safely elevate mine fans into position while retaining access to the parameter of the fan for safe securing to the back. Base pivoting, hydraulic extension pipe jacks are also located on the deck, allowing for precise placement and holding of pipe during coupling and securing. The deck mounted crane enhances operation by ensuring pipe and other materials are moved safely throughout the platform.

A64 fan/pipe hangers protects worker safety through purpose-built design, eliminating the need for improvisation when installing pipe and vent components underground. All scissor lifts come standard with fall arrest anchor points, and all controls are located outside of the working area to minimize the risk of unintentional movements.

Scissor Lift Setup

  • 2.13 m × 4.57 m (7 ft × 15 ft) platform with non-skid deck
  • Platform capacity of 2,180 kg (4,800 lb)
  • Fixed safety railing with midrail
  • Platform access ladder
  • Scissor lift mechanism with 178 mm × 127 mm (7 in × 5 in) arms
  • 1220 mm (48 in) hydraulic stabilizers with internal pilot check valves
  • Engine start and engine stop on platform
  • Fire suppression actuator on platform
  • Dual controls for platform elevation located on platform and in the driver area
  • 2.13 m × 3.35 m (7 ft × 11 ft) platform with non-skid deck

Platform & Fan/Pipe Hanging Setup

  • Pipe jacks with grapples to handle maximum 6.1 m (20 ft) long, 200 mm (8 in) schedule 80 pipe
  • Scissor mechanism mounted flush with platform floor used for hanging 2,180 kg (4,800 lb) fans
  • Deadman control for operating both platform and fan scissor mechanisms, with a warning sound alarm when either is lowered
  • Magnum 040LC-2H crane mounted on platform
  • Strap winches for pipe and fan, with pipe saddles on toe plate in rear
  • Two storage boxes 1067 mm/230 mm/152 mm (42 in/9 in/6 in) W/H/D on platform deck with lids and cleanout holes
  • Door on saddle storage with cleanout holes
  • Three Vick clamp post for 50 mm (2 in), 101 mm (4 in), and 152 mm (6 in) clamps
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Scissor Lift Setup – Additional Options

  • Counterbalance valves on lift cylinders, and emergency lowering pump-off package
  • Electrical platform controls located in operator’s compartment

A64 SL Hanger Specification Sheet (Updated: Apr 9, 2014)

A64 SL Hanger Drawing Sheet (Updated: Jan 21, 2015)

A64 Product Catalog (Updated: Sept 18, 2014)