The Getman A64 Pallet Handler is a single carrier system designed to perform multiple logistics-related tasks throughout underground mining operations by utilizing application-specific pallets including: personnel carrier pallets, lubrication pallets, material transporter pallets and more.

Getman Pallet Handler systems allow mines to perform multiple part-time applications with a single carrier, maximizing equipment utilization and return on investment. The Pallet Handler also enhances safety and productivity by allowing pallets to be loaded and unloaded from ground level while the carrier is performing other functions.

  • Designed for fast pick up and set down of pallets by a single operator seated in the operator’s compartment
  • Loading, tie-down and unloading of pallets performed at ground level
  • Single control operation with indicator lights showing the stage of loading/unloading
  • Easily accessed PLC control for Pallet Handler loading and unloading functions
  • Roll-on/roll-off pallet loading performed using a single high-torque hydraulic motor with double roller chain and shuttle hook
  • Quick couple hydraulic fittings for pallets requiring hydraulic flow

Flat Pallet:

  • 2082 mm × 3658 mm (6 ft 10 in × 12 ft) flat deck
  • 5,450 kg (12,000 lb) transport capacity on flat deck pallet

PC Pallet:

  • 16-person capacity
  • Padded bench seats with individual seat belts

Service Lube Pallet:

  • Hydraulic powered fluid services with spring return hose reels
  • 38 L/min (10 gpm) fluid service delivery rate with 15 m (50 ft) hose
  • High-pressure, pneumatic powered grease service sized for 54 kg (120 lb) drum, including hose and reel
  • Compressed air service using engine-driven compressor, including air hose reel

Service Fuel Pallet:

  • One 5300 L (1400 gal) diesel fuel tank
  • 38 L/min (10 gpm) fluid service delivery rate with 15 m (50 ft) hose

Vacuum Pallet:

  • Vacuum service package
  • 3596 L (950 gal) sump/waste
  • 2460 L (650 gal) waste, 1135 L (300 gal) fresh chemical
  • Hydraulic-driven vacuum pump

Water Sprayer Pallet:

  • One 4540 L (1200 gal) water tank

Hiab 044-1 Crane

  • 2-section knuckle crane, mounted on truck frame
  • 39 kN•m (28,800 ft•lb) class capacity
  • 4.7 m (15 ft 5 in) outreach
  • 180° slewing angle

Min Intersection: 3.75 m into 3.75 m (12.3 ft into 12.3 ft)

Min Intersection: 4 m into 4 m (13 ft into 13 ft)