The complete line of Getman Explosives Chargers is engineered to transport and charge explosives safely and efficiently in multiple development and production applications.

A wide range of boom configurations allow for charging multiple face sizes or in up-hole settings, and each Getman Explosives Charger can be configured to accommodate ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil) packages or emulsion packages, or both.  ANFO storage tank capacity can be optimized to meet a variety of applications, and the Getman chassis accommodates most third party emulsion pumping systems.

Like all Getman A64 units, our Explosives Chargers are designed with safety as a primary consideration.  Operators are protected by key features including fall arrest anchor points in the man basket.  Counterbalance valves in the boom lift cylinders keep the basket from falling rapidly in the event of a damaged hose, and the ROPS/FOPS operator station canopy provides safety during tramming.

  • The boom and basket assembly is positioned over the chassis during tramming to reduce stresses on the boom, and to protect the boom and basket in the event of accidental contact with the mine walls
  • Special corrosion-resistant hydraulic fittings are used in boom and basket assembly for improved performance when exposed to corrosive explosive materials
  • Equipped with an ANFO package and/or plug-and-play ready for a third-party emulsion package
  • Multiple ANFO configurations and capacities are available, including one or two stainless steel ANFO vessels and single or dual delivery systems
  • Laminated (steel/gypsum board/plywood) stick powder and cap storage compartments (30 CFR § 57.6201 Compliant)
  • Equipped to charge explosives utilizing the mine’s air system and/or in a self-contained version with an onboard air compressor
  • Telescopic boom with counterbalance valves
  • Self-leveling man basket
  • Dual boom controls: lower controls at base of boom, upper controls (pilot hydraulic) in man basket
  • Four hydraulic stabilizers with pilot check valves
  • Engine start/stop and fire suppression activation controls in man basket
  • Fall arrest anchor points standard on all elevated work baskets
  • Air-powered electric/hydraulic package for charging explosives with the diesel engine off
  • Emergency electric-powered hydraulic boom lowering package
  • Safety Interlock Control System (SICS) assures stabilizers are extended before boom operation
  • Hydraulic-powered hose pusher


Min Intersection: 3.5 m into 3.5 m (11.5 ft into 11.5 ft)
Face Coverage (H x W): 5.5 m by 5.5 m (18 ft by 18 ft)

Min Intersection: 4 m into 4 m (13 ft into 13 ft)
Face Coverage (H × W): 6 m by 10 m (20 ft by 30 ft)

Min Intersection: 4.5 m into 4.5 m (14.5 ft into 14.5 ft)
Face Coverage (H × W): 6 m by 10 m (20 ft by 30 ft)

Min Intersection: 4.5 m into 4.5 m (14.5 ft into 14.5 ft)
Face Coverage (H × W): 7 m by 11 m (24.5 ft by 36 ft)

Min Intersection: 5 m into 5 m (16 ft into 16 ft)
Face Coverage (H × W): 9 m by 12 m (30 ft by 40 ft)

Min Intersection: 4.6 m into 4.6 m (16 ft into 16 ft)
Face Coverage (H × W): 7.5 m by 10 m (25 ft by 34 ft)