A64 HD Pallet Handler


Getman multi-purpose vehicles are designed for maximum utilization by using a system of interchangeable application-specific pallets transported by a single carrier, allowing a single vehicle to perform multiple tasks throughout an underground operation.

Getman’s A64 HD Pallet Handler offers a comprehensive system of application pallets, including multiple materials transporting pallets, and customized pallets are available based on specific needs.  The A64 Pallet Handler has a high capacity payload up to 9,070 kg (20,000 lb), allowing for heavy loads to be transported easily and efficiently.

A64 multi-purpose vehicles protect worker safety through purpose-built design.  Pallets can be mounted and dismounted from the carrier by a single operator from the safety of the operators compartment, and pallets can be loaded from ground level to eliminate the need to climb on the machine.


A64 HD Pallet Handler Product Datasheet

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A64 HD Pallet Handler Drawing Sheet

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