Getman Announces partnerships with Berenger and Grupo Tecun as Exclusive Distributor for Underground Mining Equipment in Morocco, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, and Honduras.


Bangor, MI, USA – February 08, 2017 -  

Getman Corporation is pleased to announce a partnership with Berenger in Morocco, as well as Grupo Tecun in the regions of Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, and Honduras to provide sales and support services for Getman Products. This addition to Getman’s global network of distribution partners ensures Moroccan, Guatemalan, Nicaraguan, Panamanian, and Honduran users of Getman products receive elite levels of local service and support.


“We are pleased to begin working with Berenger in Morocco and Grupo Tecun in the regions of Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, and Honduras,” says Erik VanAllen, President and CEO of Getman Corporation. “We continue to seek out the best service and support providers in every market we serve.  In Morocco that means Berenger as the local dealer for Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology, as well as Getman Corporation.  Berenger can offer their customers the combination of Getman and Sandvik support, on top of providing their own leading local support.”

About Getman Corporation

Getman Corporation, based in Bangor, MI, USA, is a market leading supplier worldwide of production and production support equipment to the underground mining industry. With a focus on helping miners work safely and efficiently

in their everyday roles, Getman has spent over 60 years bringing high-quality, long-lasting solutions to underground mines. Getman's product range includes scissor lifts, explosive chargers, logistic support vehicles, lubrication trucks,

multi-application pallet handlers, mechanical scalers, concrete spraying and transport vehicles and custom design support vehicles. Over the years Getman has delivered thousands of products to hundreds of underground mines

throughout the world.

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Grupo Tecun

Grupo Tecun provides our clients with exceptional service, advice and support in a sustainable manner. Through planning that incorporates efficient and profitable processes we are guaranteed to be a reliable distributor for our manufacturers and clients building long term relationships.


Berenger has been an indispensable partner for investors and clients for over 80 years. Being a recognized specialist in the supply of capital goods and in the study of career solutions Berenger has expanded from the construction sectors and invested into the industrial and lifting sectors. Since 2007, Berenger is now part of the Premium Group.




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