Scaler Boom

 Rebuilds reduce cost and down-time compared to replacement

Getman Factory Certified Boom Rebuilds are rebuilt in the Getman factory and certified in-house. Factory Certified Boom rebuilds significantly reduce the cost of updating and restoring booms versus boom replacement. During the rebuild process, boom components are subject to extensive inspection, with price, longevity, and productivity all considered in determining the appropriate course of action. Boom rebuilds can save customers up to 60% versus full boom replacement.

Opting to rebuild a boom versus replacing reduces down-time as the manufacturing and parts requisition process can be time-consuming. Rebuilding requires fewer man hours and does not require such lengthy supplier wait times which equates to more immediate productivity with rebuilds versus replacement.

Download the Explosives Charger Boom Rebuild full announcement sheet here

Download the Scaler Boom Rebuild full announcement sheet here