Zambia is one of the most active and exciting mining markets in Central Africa.

The mining industry has been the economic and social backbone of Zambia since the first major phase of profiting of the Copperbelt's deposits commenced in the early 1930s.


Zambia is internationally recognized as a major producer of copper and cobalt. Zambia is ranked as the world's seventh largest producer of copper, generating 3.3% of the western world's production and the world's second largest producer of cobalt, generating 19.7%.

Today, the country includes a lot of active underground mines and a lot of prospective projects.

Getman corporation started to develop this market in 2010 in partnership with Sandvik Mining Central Africa. After five years of continuous support to the mining industry, Getman became one of the major suppliers of utility vehicles in the country and built a very strong reputation.

There are multiple reasons for this success:

As a starting point, our products are especially well adapted to Africa. Our machines are robust, easy to maintain, low cost to operate and very safe.

There are also improvements to be made regarding the utility vehicles being used since many African mines are using improper equipment.

We support our clients by understanding the task to be accomplished and recommending the right purpose built equipment to do it safely and efficiently. This customer dedication is definitively appreciated by our clients even if sometimes it's a challenge.

But all this would just be a concept without having efficient aftermarket capabilities which allow us to succeed in Central Africa.

We have been focused on the aftermarket from the very beginning. With out support, Sandvik has built a very large inventory of spare parts in the country, including most of the parts and major components to support our fleet in Zambia. Logistics can be challenging in Africa, so having parts close to the mines is a great asset for our clients. 

We have also worked on the standardization of the specs of our equipment between our different customers in order to optimize the value of the local inventory. 

Last but not least, Getman has organized several training sessions in Zambia and at our factory in order to transfer our knowledge to the Sandvik personnel and make sure they are able to service and repair our products efficiently.

All of this has allowed us to deliver more than 30 trucks in Zambia over the last 5 years and capture a very significant market share in the country.

Our main fleet of trucks is operating a Lubambe copper mine (ARM/Value) including:

  • 7 A64 Pallet Handlers
  • 5 A64 Scissor Lifts
  • 6 A64 Explosive Chargers
  • 1 A64 Cable Stringer

Some of the trucks have been operating for more the 10,000 hours now. The reliability of the machines and low operating costs are very appreciated by the customer.

The rest of our fleet is widespread around all the other mines in the country.

To further attest to the quality of our current set-up, Sandvik is currently building a new high-tech, multimillion dollar facility in Kitwe. The facility will be one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in Zambia and will include a training center with simulators, state of the art workshops, an up-to-date component repair facility and a highly efficient logistics hub.

Getman will continue to support the mining community in Zambia by providing safe and efficient purpose built equipment and by supporting our clients to increase their productivity and safety underground.

On behalf of Getman, I really would like to thank all the Sandvik team for their daily support to promote our brand and all of our customers for their confidence in our products.