Remixer Launch

As Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones says, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, well you just might find, you get what you need.”

It is always a difficult assignment giving the customer what they want to perform a certain task safely and efficiently, and it is no different in the underground mining segment.  Our customers are always top priority and we must strive to meet their needs.  It may sound strange to many people, but as an engineer I learned a long time ago to never say “NO” to a customer unless it defied the laws of physics or was a safety concern.  If I ever have to say “NO” for the reasons listed above, I have always worked with the customer and given them an alternative to meet their needs.

Our goal is help underground miners work safely and efficiently by providing high-quality, cost-effective customer solutions from original concept to machine retirement.  So, how does a company like Getman find the balance between complete customization, standard specs across product lines, and safety compliance?  While we all have different ways of interpreting customer needs, it's important to listen carefully and understand their application or we can miss the mark completely.  By working closely with dealers, customers and each mine’s needs, we are able to blend all these attributes into a successful business with high customer satisfaction.

Tree Swing Cartoon

We have taken this approach to pay attention to our customers’ needs and strive to exceed expectations on all product fronts.  Because of this, we reached out to our customers and listened to what they wanted in a Getman product for some of their application needs.  At Getman, we pride ourselves on our ability to take the suggestions and requests from our customers, their engineers and their operators and turn them into a real, viable solution with products that our customers can use around the globe.

After also taking into account various competitors’ models, weaknesses, and strengths, we sought to improve upon our ability to innovate and accommodate these needs, which resulted in several new product lines such as our Concrete Spraying & Transport vehicles and our Confined Space Scaler.

The new Getman Concrete Product line consists of 5, 6, & 7 yd3 Remixers along with several Shotcrete truck options to meet our customers’ demands in a very rugged and demanding environment.  Getman Remixers offer dual position steering with one of the most spacious cabins available, allowing the operator for a very comfortable work environment.  The capabilities of the drum discharge rates, combined with the operator comfort, makes the Getman Remixer extremely efficient and one of the safest products in the industry to operate and maintain.

Our Shotcrete Sprayers are able to reach around corners and blind spots to work where other units cannot reach.  This reduces the number of times you have to reposition the Shotcrete unit to reach all the required areas to make the mine safe and operational.  Increased productivity and safety is what our concrete product lines are about.

We also came out with an additional Scaler called a CSS (Confined Space Scaler), used where maneuverability is important.  Our customers came to us with their requirements of having to operate in a more confined space than they had previously, and existing products at the time could not do the work efficiently or even access the necessary areas at times.  We took all of our customers’ inputs and packaged it into the current Getman CSS that has been working underground successfully at various locations and filled a niche that was previously not offered in the market.  All of our products meet stringent ROPS/FOPS requirements and the CSS is no exception in providing a product that is designed to keep the operator more efficient, productive, and safe.

Scaler Roof Collapse

An example of our performance is this Getman Scaler that was in operation when 30 tons of rock fell on it.  Thanks to Getman’s quality, design, workmanship, and our certified ROPS/FOPS canopy, the operator was able to walk away from this accident only with a few scratches.

The entire company and our dealer network take pride in the quality and support of our products.  The end result is making our customers work efficiently and safely in what can oftentimes be a hostile environment.  We go the extra mile to do what we need to in order to meet our customers’ needs.

Stay tuned for more upcoming news and innovations in the underground mining utility market from Getman Corporation, where we are dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations.