Little League

Getman Corporation is an international company that manufactures and distributes underground mining vehicles, and our company prides itself on helping mines work safely and efficiently worldwide while using our products.  We have products on 6 continents and over 24 countries… but that’s not all we do.

Getman has focused on making charitable contributions to better our local community right here in West Michigan.  We have a Corporate Giving Program that employees participate in to build a better community for themselves and others in the community.  Getman Corporation has long contributed to local causes, but the new program is designed to incorporate the influence of our employees in charitable decisions.  Since we’ve implemented the Corporate Giving Program we have widened our range to include supporting non-profit organizations, providing charitable donations and sponsoring events promoting youth development, education, environmental awareness, and community support programs.

Student Letter

Employees have the opportunity to fill out an application for their chosen cause, and if their charity is chosen by a review team of Getman employees they have the option of delivering the check personally on behalf of Getman.  The evaluation criteria includes: the type of organization, nature of request, impact to community, and the extent of involvement / participation of Getman employees and their families.

Getman believes a strong workforce goes hand-in-hand with a strong community.  Our employees are involved in a wide range of activities ranging from coaching little league to volunteering at local food banks, and we are proud not only of the mining products we make and sell around the world, but also of the communities we live and work in and the positive impacts our employees have on those communities every day.

One of our biggest 2014 contributions was for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Check out the video:

There are clear benefits to corporate volunteering for both employers and their employees.  Read more here:

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